PIGEON KINGS teaser, 2018
documentary feature film in post-production
1 minutes 35 seconds

Men in South Central Los Angeles find hope through their dedication to somersaulting pigeons.

2017 Catapult Film Fund and True/False Film Festival Rough Cut Retreat attendee, 2017 Women at Sundance and Women in Film Financing and Strategy Intensive participant, 2017 IDA Emerging Filmmaker mentee, 2016 Pacific Pioneer Fund grantee, 2016 Rogovy Foundation grantee, 2016 Film Independent Forum participant, 2013 Film Independent Documentary Lab participant, 2013 Canon Filmmaker Award.

Producer/Director/Director of Photography Milena Pastreich Producers Michael Sherman and Matthew Perniciaro Editors Victor Livingston, Meryl O’Connor, Alex O’Flinn Executive Producers Christine Beebe and Emmanuelle Gattuso Consulting Producer Marco Williams Co-Producers David Epner and Matthew A. Stewart Composer Stephen Patterson