May 2019 - PIGEON KINGS will premiere on June 8th at SIFF! Seattle, here we come.

Summer 2018 - Wrapped shooting GENERATION E! Documentary feature directed by Eddie Kim that follows three teens in Orange County as they compete with their High School’s ESports team.

August 2017 - Alex O’Flinn and I just returned from the True/False + Catapult Film Fund Retreat, where we screened a rough cut of PIGEON KINGS to such a special group of filmmakers. We are beyond grateful for the inspiring experience.

April 2017 - PIGEON KINGS is honored to participate in Women at Sundance and Women in Film’s Financing and Strategy Intensive.

January 2017 - PIGEON KINGS is thrilled to participate in IDA’s Emerging Filmmaker Mentorship Program with mentor Renee Tajima-Peña.

October 2016 - PIGEON KINGS is honored to participate in the Film Independent Forum.

October 2016 - We did it! 292 backers pledged $46,231. Thank you for all your PIGEON KINGS Kickstarter love.

September 2016 - Love this article about PIGEON KINGS in the Daily Bruin.

September 2016 - PIGEON KINGS is in the Daily Mail.

September 2016 - PIGEON KINGS is featured on KQED!

September 2016 - PIGEON KINGS is Project of the Day on Indiewire.

Sept 8th - Oct. 7th - We launched a Kickstarter to raise finishing funds for PIGEON KINGS. Watch our new trailer and please help us finish this film. Thank you.

September 2016 - I am thrilled to announce that PIGEON KINGS is a 2016 Pacific Pioneer Fund grantee.

June 2016 - PIGEON KINGS received a grant from The Rogovy Foundation!! We could not be more honored and excited to have their support. Thank you.

April 2016 - The Sesame Street video that I shot about autism and the amazing individuality of all children was nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Interactive Media - Original Daytime Program. Starring Elmo, Grover, Abby, and dozens of cute kids, directed by Ian Harnarine and produced by Mariko Munro.

February 2015 - I FEEL STUPID will have its online premiere on February 16th at 5:30pm EST on

February 2015 - I FEEL STUPID will screen with the film, Beyond Clueless, for IndieFest 2015 on the following days:
Sat, Feb 7 5:00 PM at Humanist Hall, Oakland
Sat, Feb 14 7:15 PM at Roxie Theatre, San Francisco
Thu, Feb 19 7:15 PM at Roxie Theatre, San Francisco

January 2015 - I went to Sundance this year to shoot a bunch of amazing content for the Institute. Here is a piece on Virtual Reality, one of the many videos our team made.

BELOW DREAMS, a narrative feature that I co-DPed, will participate in CPH:DOX in Denmark this month!

October 2014 -Here's a nice write up about INVISIBLE CITY, a fashion film that I DPed.

October 2014 -BELOW DREAMS wins Best Louisiana Narrative Feature and Best Cinematography at The New Orleans Film Festival.

October 2014 -BELOW DREAMS, will screen at The New Orleans Film Festival.

October 2014 -BELOW DREAMS, will screen at Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Montreal.

July 2014 -A nice review of TEEN TECHNORATI, a series that I am Directing for WIRED.

June 2014 - TEEN TECHNORATI Season 2 launched today, a WIRED series for which I am the Director, Cinematographer, and Story Producer.

May 2014 -TEEN TECHNORATI Season 1 launched today, a WIRED series for which I am the Co-Director and Cinematographer.

March 2014 - BELOW DREAMS, a film I shot with Brian C Miller Richard, directed by the lovely Garrett Bradley, will premiere at Tribeca 2014!

March 2014 - Check out Invisible City, a fashion film that I shot, adapted from the novel INVISIBLE CITY by Italo Calvino and directed by the one and only, Stewart Maclennan.

February 2014 - The Birmingham Roller Pigeon Community is featured on Which Way, L.A.!! Pigeon Enthusiasts who appear in PIGEON KINGS are heard and there is also an interview with me!

February 2014 - Berlinale Talents 2014, here I come! I'm very excited to have been selected as one of the 300 Talents from around the world.

September 2013 - An article in Time describes the hope the Roller Pigeon hobby brings to LA residents. I am quoted and PIGEON KINGS is referenced! /

July 2013 - I am so honored to have received the Canon Filmmaker Award through Film Independent for my doc PIGEON KINGS. THANK YOU.

June 2013 - I FEEL STUPID is nominated for two Independent Vision Awards: Short Subject Narrative and Sophia Rose Vail is up for The Jack Nance Breakthrough Performance Award.

May 2013 - New York! I FEEL STUPID will screen at Visionfest on Friday June 28th at 8pm. /

May 2013 - Hey Germany. I FEEL STUPID will screen in the International Competition at the Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, June 6th at 7:45pm and June 8th at 3:00pm.

April 2013 - SCHEISS DRAUFis music video of the week! If you speak German, listen the radio interview. It's too good!

April 2013 - I FEEL STUPID will screen at the London Independent Film Festival this April!

April 2013 - I FEEL STUPID will screen at the Athens International Film + Video Festival in a couple of weeks!

March 2013 - SCHEISS DRAUF! Fuck it! Merde! The new music video for Jeans Team is here! And I directed it!

March 2013 - SO SO SO EXCITED about this!!! PIGEON KINGS is participating in the 2013 Film Independent Documentary Lab!

March 2013 - I FEEL STUPID will be included in the premiere season of the new national program, Film School Shorts, a public television series that showcases short student films from across the country. Find out when it will be screening where you live!!.

March 2013 - I FEEL STUPID is going to participate in the international competition of the 15th international Filmfestival of the Filmacademy Vienna 2013! FYI. Haneke is a professor at this school. WHAT?!?!?!.

February 2013 - We just wrapped REUNION, a short film by Alex O'Flinn for which I was the DP.

September 2012 - I FEEL STUPID will screen at the 2012 Carmel Art and Film Festival on October 11th and 13th.

August 2012 - The music video for ShyBoy's BIRD IN FLIGHT is here! Directed by the marvelous Michael Bodie and shot by me.

June 2012 - I am the 2012 UCLA Panavision Award Winner for my cinematography work on THE BALLAD OF FINN + YETI. The Panavision New Filmmaker Package Grant will be given to me at the Director's Guild of America on June 14th 2012.

May 2012 - I FEEL STUPID is a 2012 UCLA Spotlight Award Winner. The film will screen at the Director's Guild of America on June 14th 2012.

April 2012 - TEHRANGELES is now on youtube! This is music video number two that Ana Lily Amirpour directed and I shot for Asa Soltan Rahmati.

April 2012 - THE BALLAD OF FINN + YETI (film I shot) is going to CANNES and so are WE! Meryl O'Connor = Director of the year. Cecily Anderson = natural born dumpster diver. Teage O'Connor = the one and only yeti. Nina O'Connor = best producer slash mom award.

March 2012 - Check out GOLD, a music video I shot for Asa Soltan Rahmati, on BRAVO! Directed by the one and only Ana Lily Amirpour.

So much great stuff is happening with 27, a short drama I shot for Neil Forbes. It has won the following prizes: Best Student Film at the 2010 Carmel Art + Film Festival, Student Grand Jury Prize at 2011 Provincetown International Film Festival, Honorable Mention at 2011 Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, Best Male Actor (Michael Finn) at 2011 Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, and Best Editing at 2011 Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival. Check out Neil's website for more information.

MUSHROOM HUNT will screen at the Ferndale Film Festival on November 2nd 2011. It's free and it's right outside of Detroit, who could ask for anything more.

MUSHROOM HUNT is nominated for BEST COMEDY! My dad isn't the only one who agrees with me that it is a comedy. Holler.

MUSHROOM HUNT will screen at the Downbeach Film Festival in Atlantic City on October 14th 2011.

July 2011 - Nazis stormed the courts but we did survive. Phew. That's a wrap on TENNIS directed by Darren Herczeg, cinematography by me. Check out the imdb page for more information.

July 2011 - One long dolly shot later, our musical number is in the can. Very soon to come, MADLY IN LOVE directed by Yfke Van Berckelaer and shot by me. imdb it up.

May 2011 - I just wrapped my UCLA grad thesis, I FEEL STUPID. The cast was AMAMAMAMZING, and the crew was redunkles. Thank you to everyone for working your asses off. Seriously. Check out some stills on the Director of Photography's website.

April 2011 - We just wrapped WHAT IT IS a short film written and directed by Ben Arfmann. It was a UCLA affair.

March 2010 JEAN-PAUL LUC SEBASTIAN RENÉ screened at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin in the narrative shorts competition at SXSW. The winner of the grand jury award in this category is eligible for an 2011 Academy Award nomination for best narrative short.